Mollie Wynn

Mollie Wynn

Designated Debt Recovery Manager

01332 226 147

Mollie Wynn supervises debt recovery teams who handle high volumes of caseloads for several national business-to-business utility providers, including ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers.

As well as being the key client contact on day-to-day queries, she runs her own caseload of contested, high value, and complex matters from pre-legal processes through to the enforcement.

Creating a strong rapport with all clients, Mollie cements relationships by offering realistic and solution-focused advice which clients value. She takes a tenacious approach to resolve matters for the client as early in the process as possible to avoid debt ageing and incurring costs. She is also adept at safeguarding a client’s reputation while ensuring the recovery of debts.

To achieve optimal performance, and in turn, substantial recoveries, Mollie advocates knowledge and experience sharing across her team to make sure case handling is cohesive and consistent across the board. Her team is also highly disciplined and motivated thanks to the unparalleled work ethic Mollie has instilled.

Mollie has gained a wealth of knowledge on the more technical aspects of the business energy industry along with common issues which arise and how to resolve and overcome these.

She has a solid understanding of the legal frameworks and regulations which underpin the business energy sector, as well as industry norms and regulatory best practice.

Mollie has particular expertise when it comes to dealing with disputes which often arise from a contested energy bill. Mollie’s use of intelligent settlements secures the best result for the client at the least possible cost to them.