Credit management legal audit

Through our regular work with household name businesses, we have found that there is almost always a case for tightening up some aspects of the contracting and credit control procedure.

However successful your business is and however good your credit control procedures are, the chances are you could still end up with some bad debt write-offs.

The occasional bad debt may be unavoidable in your industry and the reasons may be nothing to do with your credit control policies and processes. We can work with you to add a legal viewpoint and help you to identify any areas of risk, however minor; even a 1% improvement could add £1m to the bottom line of a £100m turnover company.

Whether as an added value service for our clients or a standalone project, we can work with your key credit and finance personnel to provide a bespoke report on the areas of strength and potential improvement within your credit risk, contracting, credit control and debt recovery procedures.

Step 1

The first step is for one of our expert lawyers to conduct an audit of your business practices and policies. We carry out this initial thorough analysis, both on and off-site, taking the following steps:

  • Analyse the profile of your existing debt ledgers;
  • Test the rigour of your KYC procedures and T&Cs;
  • Get under the skin of your credit management and debt recovery procedures;
  • Assess the timing, suitability and effectiveness of your enforcement methods; and
  • Analyse the effectiveness of any existing outsource or external support.

Step 2

After careful consideration, we then provide a detailed, clearly written, robust proposal of how we can improve your end to end credit management solution.

We carried out a Credit Management Legal Audit for LexisNexis, a Global publishing company operating across 25 sites.

Commercial Director, Wai-Fung Thompson, said: 

“Qamer has worked closely with LexisNexis to really get under the skin of our business which has resulted in the excellent delivery of results, high engagement with senior stakeholders and an approach which is “in partnership” with our business. He takes customer care very seriously, and balances this well with new ideas based on sound Judgment and a strong grasp of the detail.

Specific and measurable benefits include:

  • Managing credit risks more appropriately;
  • Reducing bad debts and improving cash flow;
  • Reducing internal and external collections activity costs;
  • Recovering maximum costs and interest from your collections;
  • Knowing your customers better;
  • Maximising the benefit and protection provided by your contract documents;
  • Balancing risk against reward more confidently;
  • Reducing your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO);
  • Improving your collections efficiency and CEI score;
  • Improving cash flow forecasting;
  • Speeding up the order-to-cash cycle; and
  • Reducing Average Days to Pay and Average Days Delinquent.

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