Reducing complaints and how we handle complaints

Although we hope to keep them to a minimum with our exceptional service delivery, we accept that from time to time, customers will make complaints.

As such, we have developed a thorough complaints procedure, ensuring that each complaint is dealt with efficiently and each situation is rectified at the earliest stage possible.

We seek to treat complaints and complainants no differently to any other aspect of our debt services, in that we approach them with empathy and care, remembering always that we are dealing with people.

Upon receiving a complaint, the team member will endeavour to resolve it in the first instance, considering certain information such as whether a mistake has been made, whether any costs, distress or inconvenience been caused, and of course, our Treating Customers Fairly and Vulnerable Customers policies.

If a resolution can be reached with the team member, the customer will be asked to complete a Resolved Complaint template, which will then be forwarded to the Complaints team.

In the unfortunate event that a resolution cannot be reached then and there, the complaint will be escalated to our Complaints team, who will carry out the relevant due diligence, which we aim to complete within 2 working days. Where this isn’t possible, we will send a letter to the customer to inform them that we are investigating the matter.

Once a complaint has been investigated it will either be upheld, meaning the customer had a legitimate complaint, or rejected, meaning the complaint was not legitimate.

Throughout the complaints process, we endeavour to keep the complainant as updated and informed as possible.

View our Complaints Procedure for Debt Recovery.

Vulnerable customers

Treating vulnerable adults with due care and consideration is important to us.
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Treating customers fairly

Treating customers fairly is at the heart of our approach to debt recovery.
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