Pre-action protocol toolkit

The Pre-action protocol (PAP) became enforceable on 01 October 2017.

The rationale behind the pre-action protocol was due to a suggestion that debtors were not fully informed about what they were being asked to pay, and as a result, they were not able to obtain the appropriate legal advice or were reluctant to make payment

This toolkit contains various checklists, flowcharts and advice to help your business comply with the pre-action protocol.

After reading this toolkit, you will be better placed to understand the impact that the pre-action protocol has on your business and collection procedures and to adapt your policies and procedures to comply.

This toolkit covers:

  • Who the pre-action protocol applies to?
  • The aims of the pre-action protocol
  • Compulsory and optional information to be provided
  • A letter before action (LBA) pre-actional protocol information checklist
  • Resonse and timescales
  • A suggested flowchart for proactive compliance in the erly stages of the pre-action protocol
  • Disclouse of documents
  • A document retrieval checklist
  • Taking steps to settle and alternative dispute resolution methods
  • A six stage guide to getting pre-action protocol compliant
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