Scottish debtors guide

My debtor is in Scotland, does this change anything?

Many English creditors are unaware of their options when attempting to recover debts in Scotland.

Whilst the majority of your volume debt is likely to be from English customers, are you fully aware of your options for dealing with Scottish debtors?

You may not actually require a separate debt recovery partner as it is often possible to recover Scottish debts and obtain judgments in the courts of England and Wales.

Having successfully recovered Scottish debts for many organisations, we have created a guide containing in-depth information and guidance on debt recovery in Scotland.

This guide focuses on debtors who reside in Scotland, however, some of the processes outlined may also be applicable to other countries, particularly with pre-issue stages.

This guide covers:

  • Debt recovery procedures in Scotland
  • The importance of pre-legal collection methods
  • Following the pre-action protocol
  • Issuing a claim and enforcing a judgment
  • Available enforcement options

Scottish debtors guide

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